Cleantech Capital Day 2015 A Recap

Below you can find a summary of the event, the speakers, panelist and moderators, the PDF program as well as a list of all the pitching cleantech companies.

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The Cleantech Capital Day 2015 saw Malmö “invaded” by international investors in search for the best Nordic Cleantech companies to invest in.

The event hosted more than 50 cleantech companies, predominately from the Nordics but also including companies from Germany, China, Canada and Italy to mention a few. The event also featured the finals of Nordic Cleantech Open.

To put investors and industrials in front of cleantech companies was and continues to be an important purpose with the whole event, but we have, unlike certain other events, even higher ambitions. We want to be a driver in the development of the cleantech sector in other ways as well. Therefore the program put together to touch on some of the most pressing issues for the cleantech sector. Some of the issues that were featured:

The Globalization of Cleantech
Nicolas Parker, CEO Global Acceleration Partners, introduced the “cleantech” investment category to the finance and business community in 2002 while launching Cleantech Group, a market leading research and advisory company. The cleantech sector got a well-deserved push and attracted an increasing amount of funding from private and public sources, although from the financial crisis and onwards the amounts have gone down. The number of new, innovative companies coming out the gates from innovation systems all over the world is growing exponentially. We do see some global stars like Tesla and Nest, but it is not in proportion to the number of new innovative companies nor the public money invested in it.

Nordic-China Cleantech Bridge
Cleantech Scandinavia has spent quite a few years now to build relationships with China on the cleantech sector. There is a great potential both for Nordic cleantech companies to expand on the China market and for a growing amount of Chinese cleantech companies to access Europe via the Nordics. For this purpose we have been building the Nordic-China Cleantech Bridge brand indicating that it is a two way street. It is our ambition to increase the cleantech business between the regions.

Smart Cities and their Uptake of Cleantech
Cities around the world forms an absolutely crucial role for the growth of cleantech, both as a creator of market arenas, but even more importantly as customers of new innovation. This is where it could all start to gain momentum. At times though we see barriers from complex organizational structures to procurement rules to other factors.

ICT focused cleantech
Internet of things has a potential to boost cleantech and save the environment, but are we there yet? Focus has mostly been on smart homes and houses, but where are the solutions for industry? And is industry ready to use it? We see a flow of companies developing smart sensors connected to software for increased resource efficiency, bur what are the barriers.

Speakers Panelists 2015

Stefan Henningsson

Senior Adviser Climate, Energy & Innovation, WWF International

Andreas Stubelius


Michael Nettersheim

Investment Manager, BASF Venture Capital

Joost Waeterloos

Corporate Venturing - Technology Scouting Europe, The Dow Chemical Company

Alexander Bigge Lidgren

Partner and CEO, Cleantech Invest

Markus Moor

Partner, Emerald Technology Ventures

Per Heander

Investment Manager, ALMI Invest

Rune Holmen

Head of development Industry & Transport, Enova SF

Mikael Hannus

Vice President Group R&D Innovation, Stora Enso

Christina Schön

Senior Manager Tax & Legal, German Trade and Invest

Grethe Bergsland

Senior Adviser - Sustainability & International Markets, Innovation Norway

Jussi Sainiemi

Investment Manager, Finnish Industry Investment

Alain Staron

VP Digital Offers, VEOLIA

Ramalinga Ramamurthy

Senior Venture Principal, Shell Technology Ventures

Therese Lindsley

Managing Director, Cleantech Scandinavia

Olof Blomqvist

Technology Scouting and Research, Cleantech Scandinavia

Mary McCarthy

Investment Manager, SABIC Ventures

Sami Tuhkanen

Director for Business Development and Investments, Sitra

Carl Geng

Managing Director, China Cleantech Accelerator

Pirita Mikkanen

CEO, Lifa Air

Øystein Ihler

Project Director, Climate & Energy Program, City of Oslo

Karolina Skog

Deputy Major for urban planning, City of Malmö

Caroline Slind Svae

Investment Manager at Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (SAEV)

Nils Lehmann

New Ventures Manager, Carbon Trust

Lars Bierlein

Head of Program Office at Business Innovation, E.ON Sweden

Daniel Zhu

European Representative, CECEP

Franklin Ngamga

Investment Manager, Conduit Ventures

Olav Ketilsson

Managing Partner, Global Acceleration Partners

Josuè Sallent Ribes

Founder, Barkeno Advisors

Jyri Arponen

Program Manager, TEKES

Dr Florian Löbermann

Investment Manager, Munich Venture Partners

Per Anell

Investment Manager Technology, Industrifonden

Johan Möllerström

CEO, Malmberg Water

Jing Liu

CEO, Bioprocess Control

Linus Wang

Project Manager, TEDA Eco Center

Sven Persson

CEO, Airec

Michal Natora

Open Innovation Manager, Emerald Technology Ventures

Massimo Fiscaletti

Partner, Enerqos

Lars Stephan

Senior Manager for Regulatory & Government Relations, Younicos

Johan Svenér

VP, Research and Standardization, Sony Mobile

Richard Nicolin

CFO, Eneo Solutions

Liam Kelly

Non-Executive Director, Nualight

Nils Bennemann

Principal, Greencoat Capital

Thomas Grigoleit

Director Energy, Environment & Resources, Germany Trade and Invest

Indrek Kaldoja

CFO, Skeleton Technologies

Dr. Karl Ludwig Kley

Managing Director, Bilfinger Venture Capital

Erik Torseke

Senior Vice President, Business Development, Valmet Automotive

Helle Friis Svenstrup

Patent Attorney, Awapatent

Frida Björk

European Patent Attorney, Partner and Team Manager, Awapatent

Henrik Olsén

Founder and Managing Partner, Environmental Technologies Fund

Justin Mighell

Investment Manager, Zouk Capital

Vesa Sadeharju

Partner, VNT Management

Franco Hauri

Director, Adaxia Capital Partners

Nicholas Parker

Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Global Acceleration Partners

Jakob Wirbatz

Investment Manager, Evonik Venture Capital

Bodil Rosvall Jönsson

Head of Business Development, Skåne Regional Council

Oskar Ekman

Innovation project manager, Fortum

Paul Decraemer

Head Cleantech Investment Practice, Capricorn Cleantech Fund


Julien Mialaret

Investment Director, Idinvest Partners

Mikael Edelstam

Co-Founder, Cleantech Scandinavia

Mikael Karlsson

CEO, Almi Invest

Olav Ketilsson

Managing Partner, Global Acceleration Partners

Claire Godron

Senior Associate, Aster Capital

Vitaly Lazorin

Founder and CEO, Future Matters Venture Capital

David Hansen

Investment Director, Suez Environnement Ventures

Dr. Dieter Wermuth

Co-Founder, Wermuth Asset Management

Karsten Hojberg

Business Development Manager - Cleantech EMEA, Autodesk